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Currently, my products are designed and sold via well known companies like amazon & Teespring. Links will take you to my individual products for sale on those sites. More products also available when links are clicked.

Click below for our new Christmas additions!

DNA mug
Woman's T-shirt that says ( created with a purpose) and had image of DNA
back of DNA mug that says "Relax & know thyself.
classic T-shirt that says (Created with a purpose! image of DNA

Totes & Accessory Bags

Tote bag that says "Treasured" with image of roses
back of tote that says " Uniquely & wonderfully made!"
Tote bag that says "Beautiful" with floral image
Back of tote bag that says "Uniquely & wonderfully created!
Floral accessory pouch purple flowers with a yellow flower center. It says "Original" on top
Accessory pouch with roses. Says "Treasured" above image
Accessory pouch with image of clouds. It says "Cherished" above the image
Accessory pouch with pinkish purple floral image and says "Beautiful" above image
back of "Original" & "Treasured " accessory pouches. Says " Uniquely & wonderfully made

Text on back

Back of "Cherished" & "Beautiful" accessory pouches. Says "Uniquely & wonderfully created!"
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